Caramel Apple Nachos

Apple nachos are the perfect fall or summer treat that the whole family will enjoy. Thinly sliced apples, drizzled with warm caramel and sprinkled with crushed candy. Caramel Apple Nachos make the perfect fall treat. While I can certainly do without the cold weather that October brings, there are a few things that I love […]

Beluga Whale Pizza Inspired by Disney’s “Finding Dory”

When it comes to meal and snack time for the kids, I enjoy spending a few extra minutes in the kitchen to make their food fun. The expressions on their faces when they spot a cool sandwich or snack inside their lunchbox is priceless.  This past week I was inspired by Disney’s new movie ” Finding Dory” to make whale […]

Orange Scream Halloween Ice Cream Treats

Without taking the cold weather into consideration, I really do enjoy fall. The leaves changing color, apple picking, Halloween, and sweet treats! Pretty soon we’ll be busy getting into the Halloween season by picking out costumes, decorating the house, carving pumpkins, and making fun Halloween recipes. The TruMoo Orange Scream flavored milk is a fun treat […]

Fruit Pizza Recipe

This fruit pizza recipe is perfect for spring or summer BBQs, Mother’s Day, wedding showers, parties, and potlucks.  It is made with a soft sugar cookie crust and topped with a cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit for a tasty treat that everyone will love. It’s hard to believe that they school year is already coming […]

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Kids will never get bored with these healthy school lunch ideas. Make these lunch box ideas on Sunday night for stress free school mornings. The kids will love reaching into the fridge to grab a fun lunch for school. I have been using these Easy Lunchboxes to bring sandwich lunches to the park for the past […]

Fun Shark Inspired Kids Desserts

Looking for Shark themed party food for a shark birthday party or to celebrate Shark Week? These fun shark snacks are made with yogurt and jello and topped with a gummy shark. It’s hard to believe that the summer is already over with the warm weather we’ve been having this week. The days have been […]

Dirt Cups With Gummy Worms

Dirt cups with gummy worms make the perfect after noon treat for kids and Dad too! These 4 ingredient dirt cups are made with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and are topped with a gummy worm. We recently moved into the perfect neighborhood with children the same age as my children. The kids are already best […]

Despicable Me Cupcakes

A couple months ago while I was browsing through Facebook, Jacob spotted these Despicable Me cupcakes and has been asking me to make the Minions ever since. No one in our family has ever seen Despicable Me, but after all of the commercials and toys at McDonalds, Jacob & Ty definitely know who they are. […]

Gummy Worm Octopus Cupcakes

These Gummy Worm Octopus Cupcakes are sure to make a splash at any summer picnic, Under the Sea Birthday, or Octonauts Birthday! Fun Cupcakes to Make with Kids: The other day when the kids and I were trying to think of a fun recipe to make, Jonathan remembered the Gummy Worm Octopus Cupcakes that we […]

Monstrous Fun With Monsters University Jell-O Snacks

To help celebrate the release of Monsters University in theaters tomorrow June 21st, the boys and I decided to make Monsters Inc Jell-O Jigglers. We made Mike Wazowski Jell-O and also single serve cups filled with blue and purple Jell-O just like the colors of Sully. Monsters University Jell-o Jigglers: Print Monsters University Jello Jigglers […]

Fruit Palm Tree | How To Get Kids To Eat Fruit

Luckily I have never had trouble getting the boys to eat fruit, they love fruit and will usually prefer it over most snacks any day, veggies on the other hand…that’s another story. Although the boys do love their fruit and will eat it any way I serve it I try to think of new ideas […]