Family Game Night: Fill The Fridge and Fizzy Dizzy Hippo

Thanks to two new games provided by TOMY – Fill The Fridge and Fizzy Dizzy Hippo, our family game night this week was full of smiles, laughter and burping! If you’re looking for new games for preschoolers and kindergartners, take a look at the two we received from TOMY this week.

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Family game night is always a fun time in our house, but with three kids, it’s sometimes hard to find games that all three will enjoy. These two new games from TOMY are perfect for the younger children, but still fun for the older siblings to play along also.

TOMY is introducing 2 brand new games—Phil the Fridge and Fizzy Dizzy Hippo. These two board games are sure to bring loads of fun to family time.

Phil The Fridge:

Phil the Fridge is a great choice for family game night when preschoolers are around. This colorful game is fun and easy for children to understand, it also helps improve their shape recognition and fine motor skills. Once batteries are installed, turn Phil the Fridge on and press him down.  Phil will start spinning, once he stops, fill him up quickly with the colored food pieces (cheese, banana, toast, lemon, ect). Make sure you’re quick as he’ll start spinning again. Phil will randomly pop his door open, collect all of your colored pieces that he spills out and fill him up again. The first player to get all of their colored food pieces in wins.

Fizzy Dizzy Hippo:

Have a whizzy, fizzy blast with the Fizzy Dizzy Hippo game! Fizzy Dizzy Hippo loves to drink fizzy drinks. Take turns spinning the umbrella and start filling Fizzy Dizzy Hippo full of fizz. Push down on the can the number of times shown on the umbrella. With each player’s turn, the suspense grows and everyone can watch as Fizzy Dizzy’s belly grows, and grows…and grows! Who will be the one who sends the Fizzy Dizzy spinning and let out a burp.

Looking for a new game for family game night, or fulfill those holiday wish lists?

Pick up these two games today on Amazon and start planning your next family game night!



  1. Those look like fun kids’ games and would make great Christmas gifts.