Zulily Thrill Week is Here!

This Zulily Big Thrill post is sponsored by Zulily.
zulily thrill week


I started shopping at Zulily in 2014 and have been hooked ever since. I’m so excited to share the Zulily Thrill week. I’ve got my eye on that family vacation for 4 for only $30!

Zulily is the only online retailer that launches 9,000 products, in 100 limited-time sales, to their 6.1M active customers each and every day, at incredible prices – so they know what it takes for someone to be a “savvy online shopper.” That’s why zulily uncovered in a recent poll which female celebrities Americans think are the “most-savvy” online shoppers and the results are in…

  • The ever-lovable Ocean’s 8 star Sandra Bullock topped the charts (24%), followed shortly after by the sexy screen stealer Jennifer Lawrence (18%), and then daytime TV phenom Kelly Ripa (16%).
  • She may be the “newest Royal” but Americans aren’t so sure Meghan Markle has what it takes to still be a “savvy online shopper.” The Duchess of Sussex ranked 6th from a list of female celebs, falling behind Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Kelly Ripa, Chrissy Teigen and Hoda Kotb.*

Want to dress like your favorite celeb but stick to your budget?

Zulily has launched their first-ever zulily Thrill Week to bring a whole week of “wow!” There will be exclusive deals from boutique and beloved brands, all at fabulous prices. The deals will be revealed through  the  27th.

  • A Daily Big Thrill (like a family vacation for the price of a beach umbrella, or a new wardrobe for the price of a scarf!)
  • Numerous time-limited Dashes for the Deal (like designer sunglasses for only $29.99)
  • Other surprises & delights throughout the entire customer experience from the zulily site, mobile app, social channels and more…

Make sure to check you zulily thrill week and maybe catch some fabulous deals!

Today between 4:30-6:30pm the Big Thrill – Win a $2,000 cabi Wardrobe!