Despicable Me Cupcakes

despicable me cupcakes

A couple months ago while I was browsing through Facebook, Jacob spotted these Despicable Me cupcakes and has been asking me to make the Minions ever since. No one in our family has ever seen Despicable Me, but after all of the commercials and toys at McDonalds, Jacob & Ty definitely know who they are. […]

Gummy Worm Octopus Cupcakes

octopus cupcakes

The other day when the kids and I were trying to think of a fun dessert to make, Jacob remembered the Gummy Worm Octopus Cupcakes that we had spotted in Parents Magazine a few weeks earlier. With a pool play-date planned for the following day I knew these would be a fun treat for after […]

Monstrous Fun With Monsters University Toys & Juicy Juice

juicy juice monsters university

This Juicy Juice & Monsters University shop is part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias. Jacob & Tyler have been so excited for the premier of Monsters University. They have seen the commercial on T.V. dozens of times and each time they start asking how many days until they can go see it in […]

Fruit Palm Tree | How To Get Kids To Eat Fruit

Luckily I have never had trouble getting the boys to eat fruit, they love fruit and will usually prefer it over most snacks any day, veggies on the other hand…that’s another story. Although the boys do love their fruit and will eat it any way I serve it I try to think of new ideas […]

Teddy Graham Race Cars


Thanks to Pinterest, I have found some fabulous ideas for kid friendly desserts. A month or so ago I was selected to host a Fisher Price Play-Date party from House Party. I was searching for some cute desserts for the kids that were car themed since a number of the toys were the Fisher-Price Rev […]

Fun & Tasty Fruit Kabobs


While searching for some kid-friendly fruit recipes on Pinterest the other night, I stumbled upon the Fruit Kabobs. We are a huge fan of steak kabobs and shrimp skewers, and the boys thought fruit on a stick was the coolest. You can do any pattern with any type of fruit, we decided on a rainbow […]