Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit 4-in-1 Car Seat

After being involved in a head on accident in 2004 one of my biggest fears is getting into an accident with my children. As a mother I do everything I can to protect my them, but sometimes protecting them is out of my control. In my case, two teenagers were drag racing, one on the […]

Soothe Baby’s Upset Tummy with UpSpring Baby Probiotic + Colostrum

This review was made possible by iConnect and UpSpring. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine. As a mother it breaks my heart when any of my children are not feeling good, especially my youngest who is only 7 months old and isn’t able to tell me […]

Teach Kids About Money – Pretend & Play Teaching ATM Bank

Mom, do I have enough money to buy that toy? Can you just buy anything with your debit card? How much is two quarters? For the longest time Trevor would think that I could just purchase anything I wanted with my debit card. I would constantly use it at the gas station, restaurants, and grocery […]

How To Make a Sick Day Survival Kit + Giveaway

This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and 20th Century Fox. Seeing your child sick can leave you feeling helpless. I often wish I could trade places especially when they’re uncomfortable and up tossing and turning all night. We’ve been pretty lucky this winter so far but there’s a virus and the flu […]

Keeping Kids Safe: Diono Radian RXT + Giveaway

15 years ago I was involved in a head on collision that could have easily taken my life had I not been wearing my seat belt. Two teenagers were racing when one crossed the center line slamming into the vehicle I was driving with a few of my friends. Thankfully all of us were wearing […]

Pasta Lensi – One Ingredient Pasta + Giveaway

Knowing that at least three to four days are spent out of the house during dinner time, I try to either have a meal in the crock-pot or a quick option for when we get home. It can sometime be a challenge when it comes to preparing healthy and quick meals but I know I […]

Snack Roundup: 6 Better-For-You Snacks

Product samples received. Do you ever get tired of having the same snacks over and over? It seems like week after week I’m reaching for the same thing in our cabinet. The kids don’t seem to mind, but I’ve been trying to explore my options and place new “better-for-you” snacks in our pantry and in […]

Keep Kids Active With the Yvolution Y Flyer Scooter

Thank-you to Yvolution for providing a Y Flyer Scooter. Any day of the week you can stop by my house and see a handful of kids playing street hockey, working on their bike paths in our backyard or riding scooters in the driveway. My kids don’t sit inside watching T.V. or playing on their tablets […]

Diono Radian RXT Car Seat New 2016 Colors

September is Baby Safety Month and it’s also an especially busy time of year for parents as the kids head back to school and sports start up. When your mind is spinning from the amount of driving that will be done in one day between school, sports, and activities, don’t forget to take the proper […]

5 Reasons To Choose The Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Sport

During the spring, summer and early fall days, if it’s nice out, you can find us outdoors. If it’s not out in our yard, then we’re at the lake house, baseball or soccer. This year it’s been pretty easy having a newborn as he doesn’t move around much, just wants to eat ever hour or so, but next […]

6 Products to Simplify Traveling with Baby

After moving away from family 10 years ago, our vacations have always been about traveling to visit friends and family, especially in the summer. The kids have each gone on their first road trip at 2 weeks old including our youngest who was born this past summer. I can remember the struggle packing up my car 8 years ago when […]

Back-To-School Checklist for High School Students

Back-to-school shopping was always a memorable time growing up. I can remember the excitement heading to the store with my mom to pick out new clothes, new sneakers, and a new backpack. Now most parents shop online for not only clothes but school supplies. I’m guilty of online shopping, it’s more convenient checking multiple things […]