Staying Organized: Create a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Now that the kids are back in school, I am trying to get myself more organized. I feel like I am constantly cleaning or folding laundry so instead of spending the day mopping, doing laundry, dusting and cleaning each room, I set aside at least 30-45 minutes each morning once the kids get on the bus to complete a certain task, before I start work. While there are still things that I need to clean daily like the counter tops and dishes, breaking up the cleaning tasks over a weekly period has helped me focus on getting projects and work done while the kids are in school.

 weekly cleaning schedule

Monday: Kitchen

  • Sanitize Countertops
  • Disinfect microwave
  • Wipe down cabinets & fridge
  • (Garbage day) Toss old food & take out garbage

Tuesday: Vacuum & Mop

  • Vacuum each room & mop floors

Wednesday: Bathroom

  • Clean toilet
  • Scrub shower & bathtub
  • Disinfect/wipe down sinks, counters, mirror & fixtures

Thursday: Bedrooms

  • Dust
  • Organize closets
  • Wash sheets & pillowcases

Friday: Office & Living Room

  • Dust
  • Organize
  • Pay any bills that are due


  • (Day off ) Enjoy the day with family

Sunday: Meal Planning & Laundry

  • Plan meals for the week
  • Make grocery list
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Prep lunches for the week
  • Do laundry

How do you stay organized?




  1. cassie says:

    This is a good, comprehensive list. I’ve been thinking about creating a weekly cleaning list recently. Things get dirty enough that I have to spend an entire day cleaning every few weeks, when it would be so much easier to do basic, daily maintenance

  2. thalia h says:

    i wish i could say that im organized but i am not even though i sometimes try to be.

  3. Deborah says:

    I like this list since its less overwhelming than trying to clean the entire house everyday. Its a stress-free plan!

  4. livivua says:

    I am going to try and i hope that I can stick to it.

  5. Richard Hicks says:

    With my schedule, this would be almost impossible. WIsh I could!

  6. natasha lamoreux says:

    Great tips. I usually spend one long horrible day cleaning but i might try this as well.

  7. Heather S says:

    This is so helpful! I’m more productive when I have a schedule set.

  8. Nikolina says:

    I really enjoyed reading the entire post, thank you for the tips!

  9. Donna Peterson says:

    This is a good way of breaking up the chores. I find myself trying to do it all in one day and being exhausted at the end of the day. This would be much better.