Pharaoh’s Pyramid from PLAYMOBIL

Get ready to explore the ancient secrets and buried treasure of Ancient Egypt with the new Pharaoh’s Pyramid from PLAYMOBIL!

Thank-you to PLAYMOBIL for providing the Pharaoh’s Pyramid.

When it comes to play time I try to choose toys that inspire creativity and imagination and if there are no batteries required, it’s a big plus. Just like in my household growing up, my kids get very little time on gaming systems. Jonathan has become very interested in history, and the Pharaoh’s Pyramid from PLAYMOBIL was a huge hit. I never really enjoyed history class myself, but Jonathan takes after my brother and enjoyed building the Pyramid and transforming the atmosphere into ancient times.

Children can unleash their imagination as they unravel the wonders and mysteries of Ancient Egypt with the 120 piece Pharaoh’s Pyramid from PLAYMOBIL. Complete with booby traps, 3 figures, skeletons,  five chambers to hide the precious treasures, and additional accessories.

My 9 year old put together this set himself in about an hour with just a little help from myself with the stickers.

When children want to take a break, all the pieces fit inside the pyramid making cleanup a breeze and ensuring that no small pieces will get lost. I’m not sure if it was designed with the storage idea on purpose, but with multiple small pieces, the hidden compartment makes it easy to keep all pieces in one place when not being played with.


The two side pyramid walls are removable for more ways to play.


Explore the hidden room filled with jewels, climb the stairs to enter the mummy’s tomb chamber, discover the revolving door, and watch out for bobby traps! The Pharaoh’s Pyramid from PLAYMOBIL allows children to take a step back in time as they discover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

Recommended for children 6+.



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