Simplify Life & Enjoy The Small Things With Ivory

This post is sponsored by Ivory.

They say that children grow up too fast, and I feel like it just keeps getting quicker and quicker. In the blink of an eye I am celebrating my oldest son’s 10th birthday and preparing for our baby boy to turn 2. I’ve had a hard time lately accepting the fact that my baby boy will soon be a 2 year old. Maybe it’s because he quite possibly will be my last baby. I’m holding on to that baby stage as long as I can but before my eyes he is becoming an independent toddler.

He’s grown up so quick trying to keep up with his 8 and 10 year old brothers. He’s starting to mimic every thing they do and say. He no longer wants to sit in his high chair, he’s moved on to a “big boy chair.” No not a booster seat at the table, he is overjoyed to sit in a regular chair at the dinner table, even though his chin just barely reaches the table.

He’ll sit there for 10 minutes every morning trying to put on his own socks, eventually accepting help, and has to stand on the stool to wash his own hands.

Life has been so busy lately, I’m trying to simply life so that I can spend more times on the things that matter most, my children. I’m enjoying the small things, like watching the joy on my baby’s boys face as it is time to head upstairs and gets into the bath, he loves the “wa-wa” time. Pretty soon, he’ll be too old to take a bath, and I’m going to miss it even more.

Kids get dirty, and between hockey and playing outside, bath time and showers are a part of our nightly routine. Night time is also one of the busiest times as we are all winding down from a busy day of school and sports and getting three kids ready for bed. I try and stick to the same routine every night so that everyone in the family knows what comes next; showers/bath, pajamas, teeth, story time, bed.

One way to simplify bath time is to cut down on the clutter in the kid’s bathroom, including limiting what is on the counter and in the bathtub. All three boys are able to use the same Ivory Clean Body Wash and Ivory Bar Soap to help make bath time a breeze. I grew up using Ivory Bar Soap, it was the only brand of bar soap my parents would purchase and still continue to purchase today. Ivory has been a trusted brand for over 130 years starting with the purest bar soap 138 years ago that was 99.44% pure and continue to make safe and gentle products for the whole family today.

When it comes to soaps and body wash, I have a sensitivity to fragrance smells.  I can only use certain soaps or I’ll break out into a sneezing fit.  Ivory has been trusted for generations and is free of heavy perfumes and dyes. I can use it, the older kids can use it and I have peace of mind knowing it is gentle for my toddler as well.

Simple and life with three boys doesn’t usually go in the same sentence but for now I’m going to enjoy the shrieks of excitement every night when it comes to “wa-wa” time and getting splashed as I rinse the soap from his hair. I’m going to continue to enjoy turning on the faucet as he tries to wash his own hands for the 10th time because they’re sticky or dirty. Before I know it he’s going to be off to grade school like his brothers and won’t need my help.


  1. Dandi D says:

    We’ve never tried Ivory soap before, but it looks great!

  2. Michelle B. says:

    Awh, he’ll always be your baby! Be it 2 or 32, he will always need you somehow.

  3. James Robert says:

    When I was a kid having this or dial was the only soaps my parents would use on us. Great product!