Turn your Backyard into a Laser Tag Arena with Laser X

Turn your backyard into a Laser Tag experience with Laser X Micro Blasters. Laser X gameLaser X Micro Blasters provided for review.

Last summer while we were vacationing in Michigan we stopped by CJ Barrymore’s to play laser tag and the kids have been hooked ever since. When the opportunity came to review the Laser X Micro Blasters, I knew they would be a hit with my two older children as well as the neighborhood kids.

Located in the central area of our street, our backyard is one of the main hangouts with all of the neighborhood kids. I always dreamed of living in a friendly neighborhood that is full of kids and love seeing them all gather in the driveway  or backyard. On an average day there’s at least 2-4 friends over so as you can imagine I have a variety of toys to keep them all active.

Laser X Micro Blasters:

Laser X is an advanced laser blaster system that puts a high tech twist onto a game of tag.  The Micro Blasters are the newest addition to the line of Laser X products and feature state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects. The 5-inch Laser X Micro Blasters are small enough to fit in backpacks and are perfect for on-the-go or when traveling for vacation or to grandma’s house.

Each Micro Blaster comes with an arm band and requires 3 AAA batteries.

Laser X Micro Blasters

Laser X Micro Blasters


How to Play With the Laser X Micro Blasters:

Turn the Arm Receiver on and select red, blue or neutral team.

Place the Arm Receiver around your upper arm.

Blast opponents up to 100 feet away. Aim for the opponents Arm Receiver, the more accurate the shot, the better chance of scoring although the Arm Receiver is designed to register hits on most of the front of the player’s body.

Reloading is easy; Just press and hold the trigger for 2 seconds to reload. Each reload give you 10 blasts.

When you get hit the Arm Receiver indicator will change from Green to Red. 8 hits and you are out.

Tip: For each minute you are not hit, you automatically get one hit “back.”

Once you are out you must turn the Arm Receiver off and re-select a team to start a new game.

Laser X review


Laser X Micro Blasters

All of the Laser X sets work together. Games can have as little as two players – or the whole neighborhood can play together when additional sets are purchased. Additional Laser X products include: original Laser X, which blasts 200 feet; a Long-Range Blaster, which blasts 400 feet; and a Gaming Tower with 10-built-in games.

Where to buy?

Micro Blasters are recommended for ages 6+ and retail for $29.99 for a double set and $14.99 for a single player. The game is available at GetLaserX.com and will soon be available at Walmart, Costco and Target.

Laser X Micro Blasters

Win a Laser X Micro Blaster Set for Two Players:


  1. James Robert says:

    Your home sounds like mine with lots of neighborhood kids. My son especially would love this.