Summer Fun – Tubing on the Lake

This past week we were able to spend some time at our family’s lake house in New Hampshire. Saturday was beautiful and we spent the entire day on the lake. I’m so glad to see that the boys enjoy boating and tubing as much as I did as a child, I’d be out on the boat all day if I could. We accidentally left our life jackets in the trunk of our other car (2 hours away) from when we went to Michigan, I was so happy that we found extras in the basement that fit the boys.  I would have been so bummed not to be able to go in the boat all weekend.


airhead tubing

Jacob & Tyler both had a blast on the Airhead Viper 2 towable. Unlike our other towable that you have to lay down on, this one you can sit, and has been one of my favorite towables that we have ever owned. Right now we always have an adult with them, but I can’t wait for a couple more years when they can go together. I’m sure they’ll do fine now, but I’m too paranoid. They’re still my babies and too young to go tubing themselves. Jacob has been asking to water ski so I’ll have to start checking out some children’s water ski’s. He’s growing up so quick, and becoming quite daring, I’m sure in no time him and Ty will be riding around the lake on ski’s or wake-boarding.


Ever since I can remember we have been spending summers at the lakehouse. I grew up around boats and have been water-skiing, knee-boarding, wake-boarding, and tubing for years. I look forward to watching the boys have a blast, making wonderful memories on the lake.

Does your family enjoy boating? Do your kids enjoy water sports?




  1. Michelle S says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I’m a fraidy cat and lakes seriously scare me haha.

  2. sherry lareau says:

    I absolutely loved boating and waterskiing in my younger years. Unfortunately its just my son and I now and we don’t know anyone that has a boat.

  3. Betsy Barnes says:

    When my son was younger, we spent many weekends at the lake, my son loved the water too. 🙂

  4. Rosie says:

    We used to go tubing with big rubber tires as kids, along with our cousins, etc. So much fun and great memories. Many places don’t allow that kind of thing anymore. We grew up near a lake and I still enjoy sailing and powerboating!

  5. Richard Hicks says:

    We did this last summer and had a blast. Looks like you did too. Just remember to use sunscreen!!!!

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