9 Reasons To Visit Santa’s Village

Santa’s Village located in Jefferson New Hampshire is one of those must-see attractions if you live in New England. At Santas Village, it’s Christmastime all year round with fun rides, shows, decorating gingerbread cookies, feeding real reindeer and sitting on Santa Claus!

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As a mom of three young children, Santa’s Village has become a family favorite. Located in Jefferson, it it is about three hour drive from Boston and in the scenic mountains of NH. I visited once as a child when I was about 7 years old, and although I do not remember it, I enjoy looking though the family albums and comparing the pictures to our visit. We were lucky enough to take a picture with the same snowman figure that I took a picture with about 25 years ago before it was recently replaced.

Santa’s Village is always on the list when it comes to planning our summer and fall vacations. We have visited three times as a family, twice in 2014 and again in 2016. Every visit Jonathan and Trevor have a great time, even during the New Years Eve celebration when it was 10 degrees out. With our youngest turning 2 this summer, I’m looking forward to the excitement when it comes time to visiting Santa’s Village. He was only a month old during our last visit and I’m sure he’ll love it just as much as his big brothers in the years to come.

9 Reasons To Visit Santa’s Village:

meeting santa at santa's village

Visit with Santa Claus

Kids get to see Santa Claus himself during the summer months, fall and during Christmastime! Stop by Santa’s house and sit on his lap, tell him Christmas wishes, and get a photo taken.

santas village reindeer

You get to feed real reindeer.

Stop by the Reindeer Rendezvous and visit with Santa’s reindeer. While your there, you can purchase small snacks to feed Santa’s Reindeer or if you prefer, just pet them. While visiting the Reindeer Rendezvous, learn facts about the reindeer, and even play a few Reindeer games.

Elfabet game

Santa’s Village Game

The Elfabet Game is always a highlight of the visit. Once you enter Santa’s Village stop by the Elf University, located on the right after you enter.  Children can pick up a punch card to play the Santa’s Village Game, Elfabet . While walking through the theme park you will notice Elfabet stations. Each Elfabet character has a specific letter, find all of the letters, A through Z, punch your card, then return to Elf University to receive a certificate and a small prize. No matter how many times we have visited Santa’s Village, the Elfabet Game is always a favorite. The boys run in excitement to get their card punched every time they spot an elf.

Rides for everyone in the family.

The rides throughout Santa’s Village are designed for families and children. Unlike Story Land where an adult has to go on every ride with children under 48 inches, children only have to be 42 inches to go on most rides by themselves at Santa’s Village. A few of the rides, like the Yule Log Flume and Bumper Cars, they need to be 48 inches to ride alone. With both children over 42 inches but under 48 inches this requirement was convenient as Jonathan is not as big into rides as Trevor. Trevor was able to go on a number of rides including S.S. Peppermint Twist, Hot Shots Fire Brigade, and The Chimney Drop by himself.

Rider Swap aka “parent swap” is available for those traveling with babies that cannot go on rides. Adults can each have a turn going on a ride, like the Yule Log Flume  or Bumper Cars, without having to stand in line twice.

While older children are on rides, there is a playground, slides, and swings scattered throughout the park for younger children.

The Antique Cars are one of my children’s favorite rides. They’ll usually drive the antique cars at least twice during our visit.

antique cars

The Sleigh Ride is also a favorite and one ride the entire family, including infants, can go on. The line can get a bit long. If you get to the park at opening, I recommend going straight to the Sleigh Ride. During one of  of our visits (Sun Sept 9) there was no line and we could go on multiple times, but another day during the summer there was a 45 minute wait. We even had to skip it during the New Years Eve celebration as it was just too long.

santa's village rides

santas village rides

You Tubing is one of the newest rides at the park that puts a summertime twist on a winter favorite. Ride the conveyor belt to the top and race down to the bottom. Ride by yourself or race a friend or sibling.

santas village water park

There’s even a waterpark!

The Water Park is a great place to let the kids cool off and let out some energy. There are three areas that are perfect for children of all ages. While older kids can ride the JOYRide Slides, the younger children can cool off and enjoy the slides and interactive water fun at the Ho Ho H20. The Splash pad is perfect for toddlers and those learning how to walk.

santas village water slides



There are dining options inside the park, but outside food can be brought into Santa’s Village. Dine on a budget at Santa’s Village by packing your own lunch, snacks, and drinks.  Instead of carrying a cooler around all day, we opt to put a few snacks and drinks in a backpack and leave the cooler in the trunk. There are picnic tables located inside the park in shaded areas as well as in the parking lot. If you head out to the parking lot during the day, make sure to get your hand stamped so  you can re-enter. We left the cooler in our trunk and decided that when we went to the parking lot to eat lunch we would pick up our bathing suits as the boys wanted to check out the HoHoHoH20 Water Park.

santas village snowman

Fun Photo Ops

Capture the memories at Santa’s Village with fun photo opportunities.  As a mom who loves photography, the fun photo ops are one of my favorite parts. I try to capture their picture at the same spot year after year and look forward to going through the photo albums and seeing how much they have grown over the years. My mother took my picture with the snowman over 20 years ago and I was able to capture that same picture with my children before they replaced the iconic snowman this past year.

Some of our favorite spots are:

  • Snowman
  • Right inside the entrance under the Santa’s Village sign
  • The Rabbit
  • The ruler (heading towards the water park)
  • Front of the entrance at the sleigh (before you enter the park)
  • The Gingerbreadmen


santa's village

Clean Park, Friendly Staff:

Santa’s Village is a family owned theme park. After spending the day at this family theme park you can tell they take pride in the park and their employees. No matter what time of the day we visit, even on New Years Eve when it is very crowded, the park is always clean. There are Penguin trash cans all around the park. You never see over flowing trash barrels or bees swarming around like at most places, the Penguins provide a fun touch, and keep the trash contained.

Santa’s Village Tickets:

There is no parking fee. Admission includes use of strollers, shows, blacksmith rings, fun filled rides,visit with Santa and his reindeer and the water park. Guests can also bring in outside food and beverages.

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