Four Ways to Stretch Your Budget

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Bills add up, college loans are outrageous and raising a family of five can be expensive, so when it comes to making purchases for our family whether it’s at the grocery store, restaurant or clothes I always try to stretch my money. By being careful with our money and preventing impulse buys we’re able to enjoy activities and trips that we otherwise could not afford, like our trip Disney.

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In addition to trying to save on electricity and heating costs in our house, there are four main ways that I stretch our budget.

Four ways to stretch your budget:

  • Coupons
  • Cash back
  • Sales
  • Discounted gift cards

One big way to save, especially on larger purchases is to purchase discounted gift cards. I can use our favorite rewards credit card to purchase the gift card so in reality I’m saving twice, one by getting the gift card for a discounted amount, and two by getting cash back through my credit card. One of my go-to websites for purchasing discounted gift cards is Cardpool. Cardpool makes it easy to safely and securely buy discounted pre-owned gift cards at up to 35% off, purchases also come with a 180 guarantee. If you have any unwanted gift cards laying around, you can also sell them to Cardpool for up to 92% of their value.

Through March 31st save up to 11% on gift cards from the following top brands:

Have you ever purchased a discounted pre-owned gift card, or sold your unwanted gift card?

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