Valentine’s Day Double-Header Sweaters from Zulily

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the online retailer Zulily is providing the ultimate way to bond with the ones you love – a Valentine’s Day Double-Header Sweater! Whether you’re celebrating with your besties, your parents, your partner or even your dog, Zulily has the ultimate gift! Forget the chocolate and flowers, surprise your loved one, or BFF with a double-headed sweater! I’m sure this unique gift will make for some laughs and fun selfies!

double headed pink sweater double headed sweater
This post is sponsored by Zulily.
A recent survey Valentine’s Day survey by Zulily revealed that on February 14th, over 40% of Americans – more than 130M people – will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. When asked ‘what is the most offensive Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received,’ a quarter of Americans unveiled  it was ‘no gift at all,’ followed by ‘a breakup’ (6%).

If women were to celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’, hanging with your gal pals on Valentine’s Day, over a quarter of women would prefer to get pampered – who needs romance when you can have massages, manis, and pedis in your future?

double headed sweater

No matter what your plans are or who your spending Valentine’s Day with, Zulily has the perfect gift! The Valentine’s Day themed two-person sweater is a available in four unisex styles. The sweaters are not only Instagram-worthy but will bring you closer to the people you love.

double headed sweater

So, head on over to Zulily, order a Double-Header Sweater, grab your significant other, BFF, or even your fur baby because life’s just better when you’re in a sweater together!