Tomy Toomies Pirate Bath Ship

Get your toddler excited about bathtime with the Tomy Toomies Pirate Bath Ship.

TOMY provided a sample for review.

Bath time has always been a favorite for all three of my children. Now in his toddler years, Andrew looks forward to every night when it’s time to start heading upstairs to get ready for bed, that means bath time is coming. We’ve had the same routine for well over a year now, and it makes the evening go by so much smoother.

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Tomy Toomies Pirate Bath Ship

Bath time not only gets my toddler clean, but it is also a great way to bond. With the new Tomy Toomies Pirate Bath Ship Andrew and I can enter a world of imagination as he drives the pirate ship around and I play with Pirate Pete.

Boats and water play = the way to my little guys heart.

The Toomies Pirate Bath Ship comes with three pieces, the pirate ship, Pirate Pete figure, and getaway dingy. The toy pirate ship is full of surprises for your little one. Push down on the octopus to squirt water, and pour water over the wheel to make it turn or squirt it out of the cannon. No batteries are required which is a major plus.

Where to buy Tomy Toomies?

Surprise your toddler or preschooler with the Toomies Pirate Bath Ship and make bath time fun! You can find the Tomy Toomies Pirate Bath Ship online at