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  1. Em Mahr

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! We love poppers and thinking about making it a healthy meal is exciting! I know my husband will love this and I can make a mild version for the kids and a spicy version for the adults so everyone is happy. Yum!

  2. Dandi D

    This looks delicious and I know my husband and I would really enjoy it!

  3. Elena

    Looks so yummy! Thank you for the recipe

  4. Michelle B.

    Jalapenos and chicken? YUM!

  5. Amy D

    I love jalapeno poppers, but never had them with chicken. What a great idea. This would make a great appetizer or meal.

  6. Jenna Hudson

    I don’t follow either diet but I love my hot peppers! I like that its not a long ingredient list either!

  7. Eric V.

    Jalapeno poppers are one of my favorite appetizers, but this sounds like a great meal! I’m definitely going to try this. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. James Robert

    This looks like a winner to me, thanks for sharing.

  9. Michelle B.

    I am thinking I will definitely make this, only think I think I will possibly change is, wrapping the chicken in bacon rather than the diced bacon! lol YUMMO!

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