Easy Patriotic Desserts

These easy patriotic desserts will add a splash of red, white, and blue to your next 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day party or summer cookout.

easy patriotic desserts

There are three things I love about summer: spending time with friends, warm weather, and good food. The 4th of July is the perfect excuse to spend the day in the kitchen creating red white and blue desserts. Every year I tend to go a bit overboard with the dessert table, but who doesn’t love red white and blue brownies, a Firecracker Cake, or delicious red white and blue cheesecake bars.

I didn’t get my mother’s crafty side, but if you ask me to bake a dessert or bring a dish, I’m all in. I’m all about the festive cake pops, cakes, and rice krispie treats.  My cabinets, drawers and even spare room are overflowing with baking supplies. One of these days I’ll get them all organized and color coordinated by holiday. For the next couple of months, I’m all about the red, white, and blue.

Add some red white and blue to your dessert table with these easy patriotic recipes. These red, white, and blue treats will cause a spark at your 4th of July or Memorial Day Cookout.

Easy Patriotic Desserts:

4th of July Cupcakes in a cone

Red, White, and Blue Brownies

4th of July Rice Krispie Treats

Red White and Blue Cheesecake Bars

Patriotic Cookie Cake

Red, White, and Blue Dessert cups

Fruit Flag

Firecracker Cake

Firecracker Popcorn

Patriotic Pretzel Flowers

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries



  1. Dandi D says:

    These look so yummy and very festive!

  2. Michelle says:

    Great list! I will definitely use this list for our annual 4th of July BBQ.