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  1. Elena

    Looks yummy! I am going to try this recipe!

  2. Laura Jacobson

    Oh these look so quick and easy! would be great for our family get togethers for the holidays! I love that its done in the crockpot!

  3. Kristin

    I’ve done this and instead of using chips, my family makes tacos with them. That way Daddy can put his speecy spicy ghost and habanero peppers in it while we wimpy girls stick to our green peppers. 🙂

  4. Jessica

    This chicken is so good. I used a homemade taco seasoning recipe and it was really great!

  5. Birdiebee

    This looks so delicious as well as easy. I will be trying this out on my family next week.

  6. jenn huey

    What a super easy idea and the chicken looks so moist. Perfect to prepare for my daughters to keep in their freezers ready to pull out when real life with a newborn sets in

  7. Julie Wood

    I love cooking in the Crock Pot and this is an easy delicious recipe to make Nacho Chicken. yummy recipe and I will be making this soon. Thanks for sharing.!

  8. Sherri

    this looks delicious! I will have to give this a try…. I love easy recipes 🙂

  9. Maryann D.

    Crock-Pot Nacho Chicken looks tasty and also easy to make. I love using my crock pot and I think my family would enjoy this.

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