Teddy Graham Race Cars

Thanks to Pinterest, I have found some fabulous ideas for kid friendly desserts. A month or so ago I was selected to host a Fisher Price Play-Date party from House Party. I was searching for some cute desserts for the kids that were car themed since a number of the toys were the Fisher-Price Rev N’ Go Vehicles. I spotted these cute Teddy Graham racers and knew they were going to be a big hit.

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Teddy Graham Race Cars
  • Mini Teddy Grahams
  • M&Ms
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Three Musketeers
  1. Place Teddy Graham in Three Musketeers
  2. Attach four M&Ms wheels using chocolate frosting
I cracked quite a few Musketeers while trying to place the Teddy Graham in them so I found that making an indent slowly with a butter knife was a lot easier, and then placed the Teddy Graham in it.

As soon as the kiddos spotted these tasty treats they were gone. 

I used chocolate frosting to secure the 4 wheels (M&Ms) and used the mini Teddy Grahams, I found that the regular sized Teddy Grahams too large. I also used Three Musketeers, but you can use Milky Ways or Snickers also. I



  1. Kelly Kervin says:

    This looks really yummy and a great dessert treat for our playgroup!

  2. how cute, passing this on for a birthday party for a boy..

  3. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh my gosh! These are sooooo cute! I pinned it too to make for little Carter!

  4. jamie braun says:

    super cute! these would be great for my sisters baby shower!

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