Romp & Roost Oversized Play Yard

The Romp & Roost Play Yard provides the perfect space for toddlers to play and nap. Use as an extra large play yard or add the mesh divider for nap time for two infants or twins.

rom p and roostRomp & Roost provided.

Romp & Roost:

Travel, playtime and nap time with a toddler or twins just got easier with the Romp & Roost.  With a removable divider, use one side for playtime and the other side for nap time, or both sides for naptime for twins. When you remove the divider, you’ll have an oversized space, with plenty of room for 1 to 2 children.

oversize playpen

The Romp & Roost is easy to assemble and includes a mesh divider, waterproof sheet, and carrying case. It can be used for at home or on the go, in the house or in the backyard. It also provides a safe spot for younger children and infants to play outside during a play date or barbecue.

One of the biggest struggles when traveling with a toddler to visit family and friends, is that their house is not baby-proof. A traditional play pen is getting too small and my toddler has learned that he can push around the fence like gates to get wherever he wants in a room.

The Romp & Roost play yard has almost double the amount of play space than a typical playpen. It gives my toddler the space and freedom he needs while not feeling like he’s trapped. He is not a fan of playtime in a traditional playard, the space is just too small and he screams until he gets out. I’m able to cook dinner or take a shower while we’re at camp and not have to worry about him getting into something.

large play yard for twins romp & roost play yard

Mesh Divider:

Easy to remove and add. Simply zipper along the sides and bottom, and button along the edges.

Large Play Yard:

Remove the divider and use an as large play yard. There is room for two toddlers to play with each other or by themselves. The oversized play yard can also be used for a safe spot to sleep for a toddler who is too tall for a traditional play yard.

extra large play yard


The large wheels and carrying bag makes this oversized play yard perfect for travel.

The Romp & Roost can be purchased online at Amazon and Buy Buy Baby.



  1. Dandi D says:

    This would be so nice to have for traveling with our children!

  2. Em Mahr says:

    I love how large this is! It would be great for containing my little guy while I’m in the kitchen cooking and need him out from under my feet. Also great for taking outside!

  3. Michelle B. says:

    Wow. I told my husband we need one of these and he questioned why, but now if he reads this post, he may be on board. I hope so anyways.