First Day of Kindergarten!

kindergarten bus

I can’t believe my little boy headed off to his first day of Kindergarten yesterday. We headed to the bus stop but I had my pocket book and keys on me just in case I needed to drive him. The previous day at orientation he was beyond nervous, at one time he was coloring while […]

Boating: My Kids Tubing Alone For the First Time!

falling off the ski-bob

Ever since Tyler went tubing with his Dad a few weeks ago, he has not stopped talking about it, and how he wants to flip over and fall in the water, just like how his Dad, Aunt, and Uncle all fall off. He’s been so obsessed with tubing that he’ll drive his toy boats around […]

Mother’s Day Weekend at the Mystic Aquarium

mystic aquarium penguins

This past weekend our family headed to Connecticut to visit the Mystic Aquarium. I never heard about the Mystic Aquarium until about a year ago and since then I have heard rave reviews so we decided to take the 2 hour drive south for the day. The boys went to the Boston Aquarium a few […]

Super Why! Live at Lowell Memorial Auditorium

super why live lowell ma

Last night the boys and I attended Super Why! Live at Lowell Memorial Auditorium. Back in January while we were attending Sesame Street Live: Elmo’s Super Heroes at the auditorium they were hanging out postcards for Super Why! Live for May 9th – 4 months later. Jacob is a huge fan of Super Why! and […]

Ice Skating Lessons – Week 4

bruins obsessed

It’s been four weeks since Tyler has started ice skating lessons, and each day he never ceases to amaze someone in the crowd.  His tiny little body skating from one end of the ice to the other, sporting this Bruins jersey. His balance is incredible and I can’t believe just four weeks ago he wouldn’t […]

Adventures in Ice Fishing

My husband has always been an outdoorsman, he grew up around hunting and fishing and spends as much time as he can outside. Living in Virginia Beach the winters never got cold enough for ice fishing so when we moved to Massachusetts he was excited for the cold weather and the ability to ice fish […]

Build-A-Bear Workshop – A Day of Fun & Excitement

Soon after Jacob was born we found out that my husband would be deploying in a few short months . Preparing for a deployment is never easy especially with a newborn and there were always thoughts running through our heads and  it broke my heart not knowing if Jacob would recognize Daddy when he returned.  […]