Despicable Me Cupcakes

A couple months ago while I was browsing through Facebook, Jacob spotted these Despicable Me cupcakes and has been asking me to make the Minions ever since. No one in our family has ever seen Despicable Me, but after all of the commercials and toys at McDonalds, Jacob & Ty definitely know who they are. […]

Gummy Worm Octopus Cupcakes

These Gummy Worm Octopus Cupcakes are sure to make a splash at any summer picnic, Under the Sea Birthday, or Octonauts Birthday! Fun Cupcakes to Make with Kids: The other day when the kids and I were trying to think of a fun recipe to make, Jonathan remembered the Gummy Worm Octopus Cupcakes that we […]

Monstrous Fun With Monsters University Jell-O Snacks

To help celebrate the release of Monsters University in theaters tomorrow June 21st, the boys and I decided to make Monsters Inc Jell-O Jigglers. We made Mike Wazowski Jell-O and also single serve cups filled with blue and purple Jell-O just like the colors of Sully. Monsters University Jell-o Jigglers: Print Monsters University Jello Jigglers […]

Fruit Palm Tree | How To Get Kids To Eat Fruit

Luckily I have never had trouble getting the boys to eat fruit, they love fruit and will usually prefer it over most snacks any day, veggies on the other hand…that’s another story. Although the boys do love their fruit and will eat it any way I serve it I try to think of new ideas […]