The Power of Friendship

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Say yes to new adventures.

Uprooting our family and moving to a new state has been filled with a range of emotion, excitement for new beginnings and our new house but sad as we had to leave our friends and fear as we were moving to a town we didn’t know anyone.  The kids were heartbroken as we would be leaving their best friends and to be honest I was scared not knowing if I would become disconnected with friends that I have known for so long. I was used to seeing them on a weekly basis, and now I would only be able to see them once a year.

It was with that move though that I have made some of the best friends that I could have asked for, friends that have become more like family. Friends who pop over unannounced but know they are always welcome, even if I’m in my pajamas and look like I just rolled out of bed. Friends who have become my second family and who we now celebrate the holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with. Friends who have introduced me to new foods, and new adventures that I never thought I would enjoy.  It is hard moving to someplace new, hours away from friends and family, but the power of friendship makes being away from “home” easier.

Have you ever had that friend that encouraged you to try something, maybe a new food or adventure? Friendship can be powerful and can help us step outside of our comfort zone and do something we wouldn’t normally do. It’s easier if we have someone by our side and encouraging us. Going on a bike ride or a hike was never my idea of a fun day but after being surrounded by people who enjoy nature it is slowly starting to grow on me.

In a unique social experiment, Friendship Dairies teamed up with a real mom. Will her friends drop everything they’re doing to help out? Even those friends with prior plans?

Friendship Dairies®  has been making high-quality cottage cheese, sour cream, farmer cheese and buttermilk for the last 100 years. As a product, they have integrity. As a brand, they hold together, stay true to who they are, and encourage others to do the same. They’re purveyors of friendship and believe that friends open each other up to new experiences. They turn their loyalists into advocates, and their easy, crowd-pleasing recipes prove just how surprisingly fun sharing friendship can be.



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