12 Easy To Make After-School Snacks

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With J heading off to first grade this year he has been coming home off the bus hungry. If he eats too much he wont eat all of his dinner so this week we have compiled a list of easy to make after-school recipes to try out. Most of the recipes include single serving portions like granola balls and muffins so they’re easy to pack up if we’re in a rush to get to after-school activities.

Check out 12 After School Snacks

by Kari W at Foodie.com

Granola bars were always a favorite of mine, and we’re looking forward to giving the granola balls a try. Today, our after-school snack is going to be the apple nachos, topped with Greek yogurt, raisins and nuts.

What are your favorite after-school snacks?


  1. Laura J says:

    Oh all those ideas look so good! The apple nachos look so yummy! Carter would love those….oh and the pizza logs would be so fun too! GREAT ideas!!! Carter starts preschool tomorrow…so will have to bookmark these to make for him!

  2. Kelly D says:

    My kids also enjoy yogurt as an after school snack, as well as cheese sticks.

  3. Kim Zemek says:

    These look so great. Ill do a double size for my lunch too

  4. Rebecca M. says:

    Granola Bites!! Love those! Great for me to pack in the car also.

  5. Nicole says:

    The peanut butter banana muffins will be a hit in my house with the kids. These would be great for morning breakfast.

  6. Maryann D. says:

    We always need good after school snacks. My daughter has tried making granola bars, we love them.

  7. shelly peterson says:

    these all look like wonderful after school snacks. The granola bar bites look good.

  8. Birdiebee says:

    You have got some great ideas here for the kids after school snacks. I will have to test them out on the grandkids. The grilled PB Honey Banana Waffle sandwiches will likely be a hit.

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