Gift Ideas From Red Envelope – Jewelry, Fruit Baskets + More

As much as I love receiving chocolate covered strawberries or a chocolate bunny for Easter, a large fruit basket is just as great, and is a healthier alternative. Our family is big into fruit, especially the boys who will gladly accept a sliced up apple or orange over chips and cookies any day.


While browsing through Red Envelope, I noticed their selection of gifts for men & women, baby and kids. While I loved the customized heart of hearts birthstone necklace I wanted to get something for Easter that the whole family could enjoy. As I looked through the fruit baskets I was not only narrowing down my search by looking for what type of fruit came in the basket, but also the basket itself. Our previous fruit basket is too small and thought that the basket that we received could also double as our new fruit basket on the counter.

After looking through all of the baskets I decided on the Large Sympathy Basket. The large keepsake basket was filled with farm fresh fruits including 2 bosc pears, 2 bartlett pears, 2 comice or d’anjou pears, 2 red sensation pears, 4 fuji apples, 4 granny smith apples and 4 navel oranges.


The boys love fruit especially apples and oranges and were so excited to see a basket full of fruit arrive on our doorstep, once we took the top layer of fruit and straw off, additional fruit filled the bottom of the basket.  Although the fruit that originally came in the basket didn’t last long we are constantly purchasing new fruit, the large gift basket is great for fruit storage and is attractive on our kitchen counter.

Do you use an attractive basket to store your fruit?

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  1. Betty Baez says:

    That is a great basket for fruit, I like the necklace!

  2. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh what a neat idea to send a fruit basket! Something everyone could use! We do not keep ours in a basket…but I love that idea!

  3. Joni Mason says:

    No , I don’t have a basket for fruit, but I do have a glass cake plate on a pedestal that my grandmother gave me. I checked out the Red Envelope website and was surprised at all the neat gifts and items they have, thanks for sharing!

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