Organizing Our Toy Room in Style With MyOwnersBox 6 Cube Storage Organizer {Giveaway}

For many years my house was always spotless, clothes were in their correct drawers, books were stored neatly on a shelves and the closets and pantry were always neatly organized…but then I got married, and had children. Now there are always toys all over the boys room, and don’t dare open the closets, not only will it take you awhile to find what your looking for but you’ll need to climb over boxes to do so. For the new year instead of the usual weight loss resolution that never seems to happen I have become determined to not only become more organized in day to day activities but to get our house organized also.

Now that the boys are becoming older their toys are getting smaller and smaller and they are getting into action figures. Numerous times throughout the day they will get into their play modes, Power Rangers, Spider-man, Batman, Switch N Go Dinos, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ect. We’ve had a toy box for a few years but it’s not working, and instead of keeping their play room clean it just ends up messier. The boys are constantly pulling out every single toy to find that one last power ranger, or turtle.

While looking for ways to organize our toy room I came across Their Cube Organizers with Fabric Storage Drawers looked like the perfect solution to help organize the toy room. Not only were the cube organizers attractive with baseball themed photos but the fabric storage drawers also came in MLB themes, most importantly in the Boston Red Sox, a family favorite.

I was impressed with the quality and durability of the organizational
cube. All of the pieces were carefully packaged, the directions were
clear with diagrams. Although a drill is not required, I do recommend
using one as it will save time and is more convenient then having to
manually tighten the screws. Within 20 minutes I had the organizational
cube put together, well except the backing which is my only complaint.
The backing does not cover the whole back, it comes in three sections
and only covers the back of three cubes, this isn’t an issue, but the
very tiny nails to secure the backing were hard to handle and made
putting on the back a difficult process. I had a tough time holding onto
the small nails while trying to nail them into the back, my father, and
my husband also had a hard time. After trying different methods my
husband ended up holding the nails one by one with small pliers while I
nailed them in.


We received four Boston Red Sox MLB STOREIT – Fabric Storage Drawers to help organize all of the toys. I was not only impressed with the quality of the cube, but the fabric drawers also. The sides of the fabric drawers are firm and hold their square shape unlike previous flimsy storage drawers that we have owned. The STOREIT drawers can easily be picked up and carried around the room, and placed back into the cube once playtime is over.

The fabric drawer allow me to easily organize their toys, one drawer is solely for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys, one for Power Rangers, one for Batman/Spider-man, and one for their Imaginext Castle toys. By placing the toys in their own individual drawers allows they boys to easily find their favorite toys instead of emptying the toy box to search for the missing turtle. Clean-up also go smoother as the boys know there is a drawer for each type of toy, if you mix toys together Tyler will correct you and make sure that you put it in the correct drawer.

We have four drawers but there are six cube spaces, so the additional cubes are great for storing books or other small toys, I just recently placed their handheld game systems on one of the top cubes, storing all of the games together so they can easily find them.

Overall, we are highly impressed with and their organizational cubes and storage drawers. The baseball theme is great for any sports enthusiastic whether a child or adult. Although only MLB teams are currently available, as a huge NHL Bruins fan, I would love to eventually see the addition of other sports teams like hockey, football, and or basketball.

Dimensions: 36″H x 24″W x 11.8″D

Buy It: You can purchase the White 6-Cube Vertical Storage Organizer for $99.99, a 9-Cube is also available for $119.99, and a three cube bench for $149.99. The MLB Fabric Drawers are $15.99 each while the solid colors are only $7.99 each.

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  4. I like the Seattle Mariners MLB STOREIT – Fabric Storage Drawer

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