Hasbro FurReal Friends Newborn Puppy Review

When Ty first spotted the FurReal Friends Newborn Patchwork Puppy he shrieked in excitement for his “new puppy.” We have two dogs that he absolutely loves, but they’re not always a fan of cuddle time and they’re too big for him to pick up. The FurReal Friends newborn puppy is an interactive dog that is so cute and cuddly. At about 7 inches long it’s the perfect size for Ty to hold in his arms. When Puppy’s back is rubbed she starts to open her eyes and make puppy noises, nothing loud, just a small quiet puppy bark. When you continue to rub her she becomes more playful and loves to drink from her bottle. If puppy is ignored she will close her eyes and lay her head back down and go to sleep.

Ty was a little disappointed that the puppy’s mouth didn’t open for the bottle. The back of the box was a little deceiving for his little eyes. It showed a picture with what looks like the mouth opened, but it doesn’t open. He kept telling me to look at the box “it does open”, but it doesn’t. Puppy only lifts her head and opens her eyes, while making little barking noises.

In addition to the FurReal Friends Newborn Patchwork Puppy, there are
also additional newborn FurReal Friends available including cats, bears,
chipmunks, birds, bunnies, lambs, and a piglet.

Besides the little confusion about puppy not opening her mouth “like the box” Ty loves his Puppy. For a couple days he would not depart with Puppy and she has gone on a couple outings to the grocery store with us. They love to snuggle together and have showered each other with hugs and kisses. Puppy has shown Ty that not only does he have to be gentle with babies, even baby animals, but that they also have to be showered with love.

Batteries: Includes 3 “AAA” batteries.

Buy It: FurReal Friends Newborn animals retail for $14.99 each and are available online at HasbroToyShop.com as well as at retailers nationwide including Kmart, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us.

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  1. These are super cute! My fifteen month old granddaughter wants to pick up her dog & the cats too but none of them are having anything to do with this! She loves to cuddle stuffed toys to her shoulder while saying “ooooooo”, she’s super sweet and a natural cuddler!

  2. Adorable! I think this fun toy would solve a similar trouble we have, which is that my 3 kiddos are sometimes a little too rambunctious with our cat. We’ve had her about a year now, and they do really great (they are 5, 4, and 3), but at times they need reminding :) This would be a great way for them to learn further about how to treat our kitty, while having a great time.

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