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The 2012 NCW ECO-Excellence Award winners have recently been announced. These awards have been created by Natural Child World Magazine in partnership with Healthy Child Healthy World and Project Nursery. I am happy to share with you the winner of Best Skin Care for Kids – MD Moms!!

About MD Moms:

Meet the MD Moms – Dr. Diane Truong and Dr. JJ Levenstein. We are nationally recognized, board-certified pediatricians and moms. We were inspired by the needs of our patients and our own children to create Baby Silk – the first pediatrician-developed personal care line for babies. We strive to provide babies and their parents with the most innovative, luxurious, effective, gentle, thoughtfully developed products on the market. Our products are naturally-based, yet scientifically advanced, using only the purest, highest quality food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

MD Moms sent me a cute reusable keepsake box filled with a variety of products:

  • Fragrance-Free Gentle All-Over clean Hair & Body Wash: A concentrated 2-in-1 cleanser that is fragrance-free, soap-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free and clinically rated tear-free.
  • Fragrance-Free Daily Skin Protection Moisturizing Balm: The quick-absorbing, lightweight, fragrance-free moisturizer is perfect for restoring and maintaining skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Daily UV Shield SPF 30 Moisturizing Lotion: This broad-spectrum, lightweight, fragrance-free, paraben-free formula uses only pure physical, non-chemical, sunscreen actives Zinc Oxide and Titanium, Dioxide. It is water-resistant (80 minutes), clinically proven non-irritating the eyes and safe & gentle even for infants under 6 months.
  • Gentle All-Over Clean Cleansing Towelettes:  These soft, lightweight, luxurious cleansing towelettes are effective to use nose to toes, but gentle enough to use even on sensitive or irritate skin. Alcohol-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free. 

The Baby Silk products from MD moms are very convenient, contain no harmful chemicals, and smell great. I love the push pump design on the Moisturizing Balm and Hair and Body Wash, and my most favorite product, the towelettes, are great to use in the car and for on the go.

The pump feature on the Hair & Body wash makes it much easier to dispense while my hands are all wet from giving the kiddos a bath, and the wide base helps to prevent spills. The body wash is safe to use on their gentle skin and contains no harmful skin irritants. It is tear-free which is especially important with two active young boys.

The shea butter, aloe, avocado, olive oil and marine silk contained in the Moisturizing Balm help to repair and moisturize the dry skin patches on the boys. Jacob always gets dry cracked skin on the bottom of his ears that we lotion daily. We have tried a number of products but the dry skin seems to always come back, we have been using applying the moisturizing balm daily and he has not complained about it irritating the cracked skin.

With all of our daily outside activities the Moisturizing Lotion is great for daily use. It keeps the boys skin feeling silky smooth while the SPF 30 keeps their skin protected from the harmful UV rays. Most sunscreen is not recommended for infants under 6 months, but the Daily UV Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is safe for use on babies of all ages, even under 6 months.

With two young boys who love to get dirty is seems like I am always wiping their hands and faces. At home I tend to use warm water and a soft wash cloth to wipe there faces but there have been a number of times we have run out to do errands only for me to get them out of their car seats and notice ketchup or dirt all over their faces. Without having instant access to a sink, the cleansing towelettes from Baby Silk have been a huge help. The cleansing towelettes come in an easy to use package, and they are great to store in the diaper bag or in the back seat of a car. They are gentle on the boys skin and contain no harmful ingredients. They feature a number of ingredients including certified organic Aloe Vera, vitamins E, and hydrolyzed marine silk to help sooth and moisturize children’s delicate skin.

Buy It: You can purchase Baby Silk products from MD Moms online at MD Moms.

  • Fragrance-Free Gentle All-Over clean Hair & Body Wash: MSRP: $18
  • Fragrance-Free Daily Skin Protection Moisturizing Balm: MSRP: $20
  • Daily UV Shield SPF 30 Moisturizing Lotion:  MSRP: $24
  • Gentle All-Over Clean Cleansing Towelettes: MSRP: $12 for 72 Count, $5 for 12 Count

After trying out these baby skin care products from MD Moms, I now know why they were selected to be a 2012 NCW ECO-Excellence Award winner in the Skincare for Kids category.

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